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Welcome to Content Fuel, the blog for the CMO Council’s new Content ROI Center. We can all agree that content marketing is evolving rapidly and commanding increased investments and attention for marketing organizations everywhere. Yet despite increased spending, most companies are still in the early stages of building the necessary strategies, processes, competencies, and best practices for effective content marketing programs. Our goal is to bring you new ideas, approaches, strategies and technologies that advance content performance in driving business leads, influencing customer markets and growing brand presence and authority.

We think too many organizations are still engaged in random acts of content development. They haven’t implemented cohesive and effective strategies, customer-centric themes and platforms, efficient publishing and delivery capabilities, or the necessary content performance tracking systems. We applaud intelligent experimentation. In today’s rapidly changing digital, social and mobile milieu, there’s really no choice but to try new things. But marketers also need to be rigorous and relentless in measuring their performance and understanding what is driving results in their markets. As always, exchanging ideas and lessons learned with peers will be essential to the journey.

The CMO Council’s Content ROI Center will be an important facilitator of this knowledge exchange. We’re talking with leading practitioners to understand where they are in the content marketing journey— what’s working, what’s on the drawing board, and where they’re experiencing both challenges and traction. The Insights and Perspectives section of our site will be a repository for exclusive interviews and case studies with senior marketers and leading practitioners on the front lines of content marketing. We’ll be developing ongoing research and thought leadership featured in our Reports and Programs section. And we’ll be sourcing and curating relevant third party articles, reports and whitepapers in the Library section of this site.

Content Fuel will provide commentary and links to the ideas, insights and lessons we uncover along the way, as well as guest commentary from gurus, practitioners, and executives who have something to share. We hope you find our content and thought leadership both interesting and valuable in elevating the performance of your own content marketing efforts.