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What Is Content?

Content is a powerful word—at least to marketers. Don’t believe me…walk into a room full of marketers and say, “The reason you are failing is your content!” You should also be prepared to explain yourself.

At a recent CMO Council Dinner Dialogue—a type of event we regularly host all around the world that gathers around 20 chief marketing officers and senior marketing executives at a table to discuss and debate any number of hot marketing topics—we were discussing event marketing and the failures we have all experienced on the show floor. I made a comment that the majority of my failures to really optimize trade show value for any company I have worked for can be linked back to a failure in content.

You would have thought I lit a stick of dynamite and tossed it into the center of the room. BOOM! The argument had begun. However, the great marketing debate was not about the spirit of what I said, but rather the actual definition of content: what it is and what it is not. For some, content was encapsulated in the brochures, white papers, handouts and materials that can propel a sale forward. For others, content was everything from the visuals in the booth, the video playing in the monitor and the experience on iPads to the email that follows up with booth visitors after the event.

So to kick off my invasion of the Content ROI blog, I ask a simple question: What is content? For me, it is everything…quite literally. For the CMO Council, every engagement, every conversation, every observation can be content. In that respect, every point of your experience with us is wrapped in a heavy coat of content.

The whole point of this site is to have a conversation about content, so this is an open invitation to share your answer to my question. I’ll even share your answers in a future post. So let me hear it marketers…what is content?