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B2B Summit 2012 Panel Discussed Getting Real in Your Social Media
At B2B Summit 2012, Daniel Burstein sat down with a panel of marketing experts: Eddie Smith, Chief Revenue Officer, Topsy Labs; Nichole Kelly, President, SME Digital; and Chris Baggott, Chairman, Compendium. They exchanged insights on content creation, the importance of genuine content and how marketers can kill their career with inauthentic content they create or repurpose.
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Can You Hear Me Now? The Importance Of Sound In Content Marketing
Stefanie D’aulizio explores some key takeaways from Heartbeat’s book Sounds Like Branding.
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Coca-Cola Content 2020 Initiative Strategy Video - Parts I & II
A presentation on how the Coca-Cola company is looking to evolve its approach to the creative agenda on its key brands.
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Content Marketing Advice For Enterprise And Small Business
Content Marketing Institute founder, Joe Pulizzi, gives advice valuable advice for small businesses.
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Intel: Why 2014 Will Be The Year of Content Distribution
Intel's social media strategist for the region explains why this will be the year of content distribution and how his team will go about making it a priority.
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Mashable CSO On The Future Of Content Marketing And Advertising
Speaking at the Changing Advertising Summit, Adam Ostrow, chief strategy officer of Mashable, discusses their approach to advertising and marketing in the connected age.
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Why is Content Marketing So Hot Right Now?
Industry leaders discuss what content marketing can offer that goes beyond traditional advertising.
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