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Lead Flow That Helps You Grow

To address the growing need to optimize lead flow and track winning content marketing strategies to optimized demand-generation tactics, the CMO Council has partnered with global content syndication expert NetLine to better understand the issues and challenges marketers face when working to deliver timely, relevant and robust content that reaches the right audiences. To drill into this area of study, we are inviting senior marketing leaders to share their insights and best practices to enrich the thinking around content performance, syndication and demand-generation strategies. Read more »


Content's Impact on Pre-Sales Intention

The Content ROI Center and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council have embarked on a new research study—entitled “Content’s Impact on Pre-Sales Intention”—aimed at determining content’s role in influencing B2B buyers in the purchase process. This includes gaining a better understanding of how buyers source and share content among their peers and how this content influences the pre-sales engagement process. Read more »


Adaptability in Branded Content Delivery

Iterating a brand's creative inspiration and output at scale to better resonate with cross-cultural consumers and diverse audiences on a local level is a new global mandate for CMOs. This initiative aims to ignite a dialogue around new platforms, opportunities and mandates for rapid deployment and expansion of market localization across all creative adaptation programs. Read more » 


Making The Workplace A Brand-Defining Space

Organizations have long struggled to instill shared values, behaviors and ethics that embody and validate brand platforms, personalities and promises. A tighter linkage between the CMO and the CHRO should be strongly centered on organizational branding and creating cultures that radiate and reinforce core brand attributes and aspirations. Read more » 


Brand Attraction From Enriched Interaction

The CMO Council is teaming with IBM Digital Experience to evidence where and how digital content has become pivotal to the way companies and brands attract attention, entice engagement, acquire and grow relationships, encourage purchase and further word-of-mouth.This new authority leadership program will look at best practices and techniques powering multi-channel interaction that is vibrant, collaborative... Read more »

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